"I have been suffering with crippling exhaustion for around 5 years. The sort that would leave me bed bound for weeks on end and bring my career to a standstill. I have always been a work hard and play hard sort of person, and would swing wildly between being just about OK with all of my responsibilities and then crashing for a week to 10 days.

My mood was low, my body ached like I had flu, and I was totally fed up of living my life this way, but the doctors told me that there was nothing wrong with me. I went for test after test, only for them all to come back normal. Finally I managed to articulate the problem well enough to one well-meaning GP and suddenly I had my diagnosis…’You have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it’….since then I have seen specialists on the illness who have told me the same. I was so frustrated!

I didn’t want to stand for this. So I did what felt like never ending research to see what I could do to help myself. That’s when I came across Giulietta. I can honestly say that she has changed my life.

At first I was sceptical, but after following her advice I started to see how I could make myself feel about 50% better on a bad day just by eating the correct food and nourishing my body with the correct supplements.

She is also really understanding, as anyone who suffers with CFS will know that sometimes they are just too tired to eat, or too tired to cook and you end up with fast food that does not nourish. She took me back to basics with my eating and ‘reset’ my thoughts on food. Now I look at food and think about how it will make me feel and what it will do to nourish my body.

CFS is a long road to recovery, but I feel like I am starting to really get there because of Giulietta. Thank you so much xx - H, South London


"Giulietta’s method of working is hugely patient centred - I'm always struck by how wholeheartedly supportive, informative and kind she is. It is easy to see that she genuinely wants to help her clients see improvements and how deeply she cares about what she does. The passion she has for her work is infectious because I always feel so positive after our consolations! I feel incredibly lucky to have found her."  - Hannah, High Barnet.


"I met Giulietta a month ago when I started the Zest4Life programme.  From the first meeting Giulietta was so welcoming and I could tell she was passionate about and really believed in Zest4life.  She spent time explaining the programme to me step by step and the literature given was very informative. Each week we met up to see how the week had been and discussed any hurdles that had arisen and set goals for the following week.  Giulietta was always ready with a solution of how to overcome obstacles and one week when struggling I emailed Giulietta mid week my food diary to see if I was doing something wrong.  I got an immediate reply with suggestions and following these slight changes lost 3.5 lbs the following 10 days.  Giulietta was so encouraging and supportive and it was a real pleasure to work with her.  Having been a serial yo-yo dieter, I have come away from this experience not feeling I am on a diet but looking forward to continuing this change of life style.  I haven't once felt I am missing out on food I used to eat as I have found new and better choices.   

I feel so much better in myself, happier, healthier and I am very grateful for having had this opportunity to work with Giulietta." -  Fiona, Uxbridge


"I'm really grateful for the help Giulietta has been providing on my weight loss journey. She understands everyone is different and has different issues and constraints to deal with, and uses a holistic, tailored approach to suit the needs of her individual clients. She will offer care and support, and will go the extra mile for you."  - Anne-Sophie, Uxbridge


"After trying to lose weight with different methodsI decided to find a nutritionist to help me. I didn’t expect too much of it after being unsuccessful with so many diets, but it worked! Working with Giulietta is very easy and she guided me when I needed her the most. She answered to all my questions and my worries.

Everybody has started to notice that I’ve lost weight and I’ve started to feel good about myself and am also wearing different clothes. Losing 10 kg(1s 8lb) has motivated me to continue my journey with her until I achieve my ideal weight."  Adriana, West Drayton


"The reason I decided to see Guilietta was that as I was now in my 40's and for the first time in my life I didn't feel I had control over my weight (which had been steady until then), I was tired and struggling to find enthusiasm to attend my usual gym classes. Despite trying various different diets over the last couple of years nothing seemed to shift the extra bit of weight I had put on and also the tiredness I was feeling. I was totally confused as to what I should or should not be eating. Guilietta and I met and went through my full medical history and from this she put together a food plan that would work for me.  She advised the  changes to my diet should take place in stages and she did not expect all the changes to happen overnight, and this is something we worked on together for the next 3 months. I now have a food plan that works for me, I am less tired, understand what foods work and do not work for me.  I also have a much more varied and interesting daily diet where Guilietta has encouraged me to introduce a variety of foods that I previously would not have considered.

As a result I now eat a healthier, more varied and balanced diet which has lead to increased energy levels and a far greater sense of well being". Lorraine, West Drayton