Workshops and Talks

I'm on a mission to spread the message about eating and living well. I love any opportunity to talk to groups of people, whether it's office workers seeking to improve their energy levels, athletes wanting to improve their performance or school groups wanting to know how to bake healthy muffins.

I have been designing and delivering wellness events and workshops for over ten years. My priority is not only to inspire participants to make positive changes to their health but to equip them with the skills and knowledge to be able to actually go out there and own it!

I offer a wide range of services including 60 minute seminars, taster tables and one to one consultations. These are always tailored to suit my client’s needs and nothing excites me more than putting together an event that totally exceeds the expectations of everyone involved.

I'm particularly experienced at delivering these events within the corporate setting and really enjoy rising to the challenge of motivating staff to lead a more energised and productive life.

Previous projects have included:

  • Smoothie Marathon at Google 
  • Speed Nutrition at Facebook
  • Mental Health Awareness Workshop and Taster Tables at Right Move 
  • 30 minute Health MOTs at Xerox
  • Stress Seminar at Skanska
  • How to Have Great Energy Levels Throughout the Day at Axa Insurance 
  • How to Beat Burnout at Lindt 
  • Design Your Own Health Product at Peabody Trust 

If you belong to a group who would like some inspiration and motivation to live a healthier life I would love to hear from you.

Some lovely things clients have said ....

“I've had the pleasure of working with Giulietta on a number of nutritional and healthy eating workshops we've run in schools around London. The knowledge that Giulietta shares in her workshops combined with her bubbly personality and delivery skills combine for an engaging, creative and educational learning experience for young people. I fully endorse Giulietta and the work that she does educating young people on the importance of healthy eating.”- Brendan Lambert, Youth Development Coordinator, Peabody, London.

“Giulietta 's workshop on how to have great energy levels was absolutely fantastic! We learnt so much that we could put into practice and to this day I no longer feel tired after lunch! She gave us loads of practical information that we could put into action and she busted lots of myths about 'health' foods that aren't really healthy. Thanks to her we also now stock much healthier snacks and drinks. We are really grateful to her for helping us really understand how to manage our energy levels. Every office should be given this worship as it really has changed the way many of us work. Thank you Giulietta!" - Bianca Heathcote, Axa Insurance, Tunbridge Wells 

"Giulietta's workshop on how to beat burnout was a real eye opener - she really helped us understand how the body reacts to stress and what we can do to support ourselves during stressful times. Many of us have since implemented her advice and have found it has made a real difference. I highly recommend this workshop to everyone!" - Amy Smith, Lindt, Cobham.