I work with women who want to regain their mojo and feel their best every day

I have a few questions for you:

Do you feel tired all the time?  Has your weight crept up on you in the past few years and no matter what you do you can't seem to shift it?   

Do you have niggling health Issues that you can't get to the bottom of?  

OR,  Have you just lost your enthusiasm for life?

If you answered yes to any of these I would love to help you! 

Let's get started with your FREE 20 Minute Health & Energy Review. I'll share my Top 3 Tips on how to start feeling amazing in just 7 days. Click below to send me your details - What are you waiting for?

Here are a few more ways I can help ....


Understanding your health issues and goals we'll work together over a period of time to create and implement a practical new eating plan


Hormones In Harmony Balancing Hormones

Hormonal conditions can be complex. I'll help you to explore underlying causes to your symptoms and show you how to make changes for a long lasting impact on the way you feel.


 I use the Zest4life methodology based on low GL eating combined with motivational coaching and the results are impressive!


I love spreading the message about eating and living well. Come along and learn how to improve your energy levels, cook healthy recipes and so much more.  

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My clients say working with them has really transformed their lives - would you like to join them?

“I feel so much better in myself, happier, healthier and I am very grateful for having had this opportunity to work with Giulietta” - Fiona, Uxbridge

“Working with Giulietta is very easy and she guided me when I needed her the most. She answered all my questions and worries. Everybody has started to notice that I’ve lost weight and I’ve started to feel good about myself and am also wearing different clothes.” Adriana, West Drayton.

“The Passion Giulietta Has For Her Work Is Infectious Because I Always Feel So Positive After Our Consultations! I Feel Incredibly Lucky To Have Found Her.” Hannah, High Barnet.

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